Why you should never tip over an Epoxy Bucket

Epoxy Bucket tipping

Some weeks ago I posted a picture of my staff applying an epoxy floor on Facebook. One of my followers pointed out, that tipping over a bucket of epoxy is not the best practice. He was right, we really should be avoiding this bad habit. (see picture and red arrow)

This is a habit many crews adopt. We tip over the bucket and let it completely empty out, before going on to mix the next pail.

When we work with two component products one of the most crucial factors is to mix the two components properly and achieve a uniform product. I have done several videos and articles on the importance of proper mixing and you can look at the links below for more information.

No matter how well you mix the epoxy, it is likely that some residue of the resin component may be stuck around the sides and the bottom of the pail. This resin may never cure, since it was never proeprly mixed with the hardener. By tipping over the pail you run the risk of emptying uncured resin on the floor.

Have you ever encountered a small tacky spot on your epoxy floor? That could have very likely been caused by bucket tipping.

In the case of the picture above, this was a self leveling floor applied at a 2mm thickness. After spreading the epoxy, and using a spiked roller, any risk of poor curing had properly been eliminated since the resin had been mixed in. But if you are applying a thinner roller applied coating, tacky spots can be quite common.

Further Information:

If you want to learn about the most common mixing mistakes you can read this article, or watch this video.

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