What is the purpose of a spiked roller?

spiked roller for epoxy

For someone new to epoxies the sight of a spiked roller (also known as porcupine roller) may seem strange. Spiked rollers are used for thick epoxy floor coats (at a minimum of 1mm (1/24 “) in thickness. In epoxy floors the spiked roller serves two main purposes.

spiked roller on epoxy
Self Leveling Epoxy requires working with spiked rollers

1. The first purpose is to eliminate and burst bubbles, pinholes and other pockets of gas that may be present in the screed. If the screed cures without having removed the trapped air, you will end up having a floor scattered with pinholes.

2. The roller helps level and homogenize the floor screed. The Epoxy resin coating is usually applied with a trowel. It is common to get spatula marks, or areas of uneven leveling during application. Applying the roller helps us reach a smooth evenly distributed finish. (as shown in the picture above)

We also use these tools in cementitous floor screeds, and they ultimately serve a similar purpose.

Always wear spiked shoes when using such a roller. These shoes will enable you to access all areas of the floor. 

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These rollers come in various widths. Narrow rollers are convenient when working in small rooms with many edges. Narrow rollesr tend to have a handle only on one side, thus allowing the roller to go all the way to the wall. (Most bubbles occur around edges!)

Wide rollers are great if you have large surface areas to cover. However one of their disadvantages is that such rollers are not suitable if your floor is uneven.

Finally, remember to clean your rollers thoroughly after every project. Rollers need to cleaned with thinner. Otherwise they may not work properly next time you use them.

If you want to learn more about the tools you need to apply an epoxy floor, the below video should help guide you!

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