7 Things that I have Learnt from Managing Epoxy Flooring Projects

Learning how to apply epoxy floors is one thing. But actually managing a complex flooring project from the start to finish is entirely another. In this article I want to…

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Are 3d Epoxy Floors for real?

The subject of this article is going to be a bit touchy… It might even annoy a few people. I want to talk about this new craze  that has taken…

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Self leveling epoxy KTISOFLOOR

Seven Tips on getting Awesome Self-leveling Epoxy Floors

You look at a picture like the one below, and you tell yourself wouldn’t it be great to be getting results like that for every single flooring project. And yet…

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Case Study: Constructing an antislip epoxy floor in a food processing factory

In this article I explain step by step how we went about applying a new antislip epoxy floor on a heavy duty food processing factory. This factory is involved in…

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grinding concrete floor

Starting a Resinous Flooring Business: The Equipment required

In my previous article I gave some advice for people who want to get started in epoxy flooring. In this article I want to go a step further and provide…

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Advice for beginners in Epoxy Flooring

Hardly a week goes by and I get an email that goes something like this: “Hello I really want to get involved in epoxy flooring, please help me”. My typical…

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metallic epoxy application

A guide on how to install a metallic epoxy floor

Metallic epoxy floors are taking off like crazy. What started out in the US as a fad, are now spreading to all corners of the world. In the past two…

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Applying epoxy paint on soft uneven concrete

Hardly a week seems to go by, and someone will ask me: I have this dusty and rough concrete surface , can I fix it if apply over with an…

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spraying epoxy coatings

Using Airless sprays to apply floor coatings: The for and against

Airless paint spraying machines have a widespread use in all types of coatings applications. However when it comes to applying epoxy floor coatings there seem to be significant disagreements on…

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white epoxy floor

Working with White Epoxy Floor Coatings

White epoxy floor coatings are increasing in popularity. Retail stores, hotels and designer outlets are specifying seamless white floors for many new projects. Flooring companies are eager to take on such…

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