Disaster Stories: Forgetting to add the B component in the epoxy coating

I got a call the other day from a subcontractor who told me that one of his workers forgot to add the B component to the A component, what he basically meant was that epoxy floor paint was applied without a hardener. He was asking if and how that would affect the end-result.

When this occurs, the news are not good. If the product was applied only using the A component this product will never EVER cure. It will remain wet and sticky forever. Over time it may accumulate more dirt and dust but it will not bond with the substrate, and it will not harden at all. Some workers think that this mistake can be saved by spreading the hardener on top or by attempting to coat over a new A+B mixture on top. This method will not work! You may get some hardening improvements on the surface but there still remains a very soft coating that has not bonded underneath. It is only a matter of weeks before the coating has completely fallen apart and you have a very upset customer.

The only solution is to completely remove the A-component. This can be a messy and tedious task but there really is no other choice. You will need to mop up the excess A component with spatulas and cloths. Then by using solvent you need to completely clean the surface. Let the solvent dry well and then re-apply the coating (using a hardener this time).


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Akis Apostolopoulos

General Manager at Ktisis
Akis has been involved in the manufacturing and application of industrial floor coatings for the past ten years. He runs learncoatings which is an online resource training professionals on the use of epoxy floors. He is also General Manager of Ktisis, a manufacturer of flooring and waterproofing coatings.

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