Applying a Self Leveling epoxy

How thick should an epoxy floor be? A quick guide

I recently got an email from someone who asked me “How thick is an epoxy floor?” My immediate thought was well how long is a piece of string? But on…

RAL7040 Self Leveling Industrial Epoxy Floor

Self Leveling epoxy floors: 5 frequently asked questions

Self-leveling epoxy floors (or self-smoothing) are probably the most common type of epoxy floors out there. I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about these types of floors below….

epoxy quartz

Five ways quartz sand is used in epoxy floors

In the epoxy flooring industry one of the most commonly used minerals is quartz sand (also referred to as silica sand). Quartz is a notoriously hard mineral which makes it…

industrial epoxy floor

The Lifetime of an Epoxy Floor: Understanding wear and tear

Clients and contractors often want to know how long industrial epoxy floors last. My answer is usually a bit vague in the sense that the lifetime of an industrial floor…

Installing Epoxy Floors in Houses. Are you for or against?

I get approached by many home owners and architects inquiring about installing epoxy floors in houses. I don’t mean coating garage floors or storage rooms (which is quite common) but…