Blue Epoxy Floor

Why are the prices of Epoxy rising?

I am writing this article in March of 2021, and what we are seeing is that in the last few months, global prices for epoxies have increased. Problems started when…

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Self Leveling Epoxy

The Differences between Roller Applied and Self Leveling Epoxy

The two most commonly applied epoxy flooring systems are Roller applied epoxy and Self Leveling Epoxy. Many people who are new to the industry struggle to understand the differences. A…

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The Hidden Costs in Flooring projects

Lately I have been reflecting on the epoxy projects that my team have completed in the 1st half of 2019. As every project is completed we calculate the total man…

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Covering Floor Joints in Epoxy Flooring

Dealing with floor joints is one of those tricky subjects that everyone seems to argue about in epoxy flooring. One of the great benefits of epoxy flooring is the seamless…

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white epoxy floor

Working with White Epoxy Floor Coatings

White epoxy floor coatings are increasing in popularity. Retail stores, hotels and designer outlets are specifying seamless white floors for many new projects. Flooring companies are eager to take on such…

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Orange –peel texture in epoxy floors: Deconstructing the mystery

Take a look at the picture of the floor surface above. Notice the texture:  Instead of getting a smooth finish you get a kind of a wavy texture that looks…

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Food Production Epoxy

Five great industries to target for epoxy customers

Contractors and suppliers of resinous flooring products are always looking for new industries for epoxy flooring. Obviously the most popular choices are the large carpark projects, malls , retail outlets…

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black mirror floor

Choosing the right colours for your epoxy floors

When specifying industrial floors, how much attention do you give to the choice of the right colour of the epoxy floor? The colour is one of those often overlooked  factors…

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How thick should an epoxy floor be? A quick guide

I recently got an email from someone who asked me “How thick is an epoxy floor?” My immediate thought was well how long is a piece of string? But on…

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RAL7040 Self Leveling Industrial Epoxy Floor

Self Leveling epoxy floors: 5 frequently asked questions

Self-leveling epoxy floors (or self-smoothing) are probably the most common type of epoxy floors out there. I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about these types of floors below….

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