Orange –peel texture in epoxy floors: Deconstructing the mystery

Take a look at the picture of the floor surface above. Notice the texture:  Instead of getting a smooth finish you get a kind of a wavy texture that looks…

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decorative epoxy floor

Epoxy Disasters: Working with clear -coats

In this article I want to share with you one of my big fears when it comes to resinous floors: Transparent top-coats. Over the years I have had some traumatizing…

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Five reasons why you should always be priming your epoxy floors

One of the most common questions I get with epoxy floors is if it is necessary to prime the floor before applying the epoxy floor coat. Many contractors would like…

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mixing of epoxy

Epoxy disasters: Common mixing mistakes that can lead to curing problems

Most epoxy applicators at some point in their career will come across the nightmare of a stick or a tacky resinous floor. This is usually the result of improper curing…

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Applying epoxies in the cold

Its that time of the year where in many parts of the world, winter has kicked in for good. Even here in Greece (which is meant to be a warmer…

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Wood, Metal, Marble, Terrazzo, Tiles. Can we apply epoxies on these surfaces?

Epoxy Floors work best when your substrate is a hard and properly levelled concrete floor. But often in renovation projects, we need to coat over different types of surfaces. So…

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RAL7040 Self Leveling Industrial Epoxy Floor

Self Leveling epoxy floors: 5 frequently asked questions

Self-leveling epoxy floors (or self-smoothing) are probably the most common type of epoxy floors out there. I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about these types of floors below….

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Surface preparation in epoxy flooring

Surface preparation is perhaps the most important factor when executing an industrial flooring project. And unfortunately it is usually the most overlooked factor. Too many flooring projects are failing, because…

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Five ways quartz sand is used in epoxy floors

In the epoxy flooring industry one of the most commonly used minerals is quartz sand (also referred to as silica sand). Quartz is a notoriously hard mineral which makes it…

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pu floor in car park

Epoxy vs polyurethane floors. What are the differences?

Epoxy and polyurethane (PU for short) floors are the two most commonly used types of resinous industrial floors. An age old question in our industry is what are the differences…

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