apply epoxy over tiles

Can you apply Epoxy on Tiles?

One of the most common questions I get asked is if we can apply an epoxy floor over tiles. People want to avoid the hassle of ripping out the tiles,…

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Self Leveling Epoxy

The Differences between Roller Applied and Self Leveling Epoxy

The two most commonly applied epoxy flooring systems are Roller applied epoxy and Self Leveling Epoxy. Many people who are new to the industry struggle to understand the differences. A…

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The importance of Back Rolling in Epoxy Flooring

I want to discuss a subject that in my opinion is getting far too little attention in epoxy flooring literature. Back rolling is the technique of going back after an…

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scarifying concrete floor before epoxy coating

Surface Preparation in Epoxy Flooring: Explaining the different methods

All seasoned epoxy applicators will agree that thorough surface preparation is key for the long term success of a successful flooring project. There is nothing more heart breaking for a…

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Self leveling epoxy KTISOFLOOR

Seven Tips on getting Awesome Self-leveling Epoxy Floors

You look at a picture like the one below, and you tell yourself wouldn’t it be great to be getting results like that for every single flooring project. And yet…

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Case Study: Constructing an antislip epoxy floor in a food processing factory

In this article I explain step by step how we went about applying a new antislip epoxy floor on a heavy duty food processing factory. This factory is involved in…

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grinding concrete floor

Starting a Resinous Flooring Business: The Equipment required

In my previous article I gave some advice for people who want to get started in epoxy flooring. In this article I want to go a step further and provide…

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Advice for beginners in Epoxy Flooring

Hardly a week goes by and I get an email that goes something like this: “Hello I really want to get involved in epoxy flooring, please help me”. My typical…

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Applying epoxy paint on soft uneven concrete

Hardly a week seems to go by, and someone will ask me: I have this dusty and rough concrete surface , can I fix it if apply over with an…

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spraying epoxy coatings

Using Airless sprays to apply floor coatings: The for and against

Airless paint spraying machines have a widespread use in all types of coatings applications. However when it comes to applying epoxy floor coatings there seem to be significant disagreements on…

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