apply epoxy over tiles

Can you apply Epoxy on Tiles?

One of the most common questions I get asked is if we can apply an epoxy floor over tiles. People want to avoid the hassle of ripping out the tiles,…

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Epoxy Bucket tipping

Why you should never tip over an Epoxy Bucket

Some weeks ago I posted a picture of my staff applying an epoxy floor on Facebook. One of my followers pointed out, that tipping over a bucket of epoxy is not the…

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Blue Epoxy Floor

Why are the prices of Epoxy rising?

I am writing this article in March of 2021, and what we are seeing is that in the last few months, global prices for epoxies have increased. Problems started when…

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Epoxy floor how to get more customers

How to get more customers in Epoxy Flooring

This is perhaps the number one struggle I am hearing from contractors: We need more leads, higher quality leads and more customers. Maintaining an epoxy flooring business can be quite…

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Self Leveling Epoxy

The Differences between Roller Applied and Self Leveling Epoxy

The two most commonly applied epoxy flooring systems are Roller applied epoxy and Self Leveling Epoxy. Many people who are new to the industry struggle to understand the differences. A…

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The Hidden Costs in Flooring projects

Lately I have been reflecting on the epoxy projects that my team have completed in the 1st half of 2019. As every project is completed we calculate the total man…

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The importance of Back Rolling in Epoxy Flooring

I want to discuss a subject that in my opinion is getting far too little attention in epoxy flooring literature. Back rolling is the technique of going back after an…

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failed epoxy floor

Epoxy Disasters: 7 Mess-ups that made me a better Epoxy Professional

Epoxy disasters. Every seasoned epoxy professional has had his fair share. Even though we tend to block out and conveniently forget these moments, these are actually the moments that will…

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Covering Floor Joints in Epoxy Flooring

Dealing with floor joints is one of those tricky subjects that everyone seems to argue about in epoxy flooring. One of the great benefits of epoxy flooring is the seamless…

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Uncomfortable Phone Calls

The Phone rings. It’s a customer whom you did a floor for a few months ago. And you get that queasy feeling. Most of the time a call from an…

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